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Quality Cleaning takes pride in providing the best cleaning service available. We do this by utilizing passion and self accountability. Quality maintains a local feel by providing a direct contact you can reach.

We offer dependable building maintenance services. Our substantial base of long-term clients and referrals are prepared to voice the importance we place on every building and everlasting relationships. As a Quality client, you have the advantage of obtaining multiple services under one contract with a local point of contact, making it easy for you to do business without administrative headaches. In every job performed, you’ll see how we have earned our reputation for integrity and excellence. We are committed to maintaining that reputation and keeping our clients happy.

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Meet Gabe & Ryan

They will be meeting with you to get an understanding of your priorities and challenges to come up with solutions that best fit your needs.

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Quality Cleaning’s relationship with our clients is built on our core values: Teamwork, Integrity, Commitment to Employees, Safety Excellence, Innovation, and Superior Customer Service. Every employee knows this and drives it into action. We have a culture of learning, teamwork and mutual accountability.

We bring added value to our clients not only through the many services we provide, but because of what we believe. Our values and culture guide us to provide the world’s best quality and reliable service, in return, building lasting relationships.

Quality Cleaning is a great company. It’s a great feeling knowing you can come to work to a clean environment and know that trusted people cleaned your business.

Matt S. — Kennewick, WA

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Clients come to us for lasting and reliable service. We’re proud of our proficiency, but have built our business by listening to our clients. We enable our customers to be more productive, without having to stress about cleaning.

Quality Cleaning has been a breath of fresh air! They are dependable and trustworthy. I would recommend them to any business. It is good to have someone here locally with their level of commitment.

Jose R — Yakima, WA

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We seek innovation and are dedicated to providing the world’s best experience. It’s something not open to compromise.

Thank you very much for your services! Your cleaners are thorough, spotless, and pay attention to the details when cleaning our business. Thanks again!

Larry M. – Richland, WA

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We make every effort to transform the industry through our knowledge, innovation, professionalism and technology, so that we can expertly handle anything you ask of us and make changes promptly.

We have been using Quality Cleaning since February of this year. The staff is always friendly and professional. They take pride in their company and display a commitment to providing excellent service.

Kathy B. — Yakima, WA

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We not only work for you, we partner with you. It’s something that reaches beyond Quality’s service competence; it’s a sense of security. We care just as much about your success as you do.

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How Quality Cleaning does Business

Quality Cleaning will never go into a bidding battle if it means selling out on our values and behaviors. You may find a cheaper, impermanent solution from one of our competitors, but in the long-term, “cheap” and “impermanent” can cost more money than doing it right the first time.

We employ the best and hardworking associates. We have the up-most respect for our associates. When employees are respected and valued, we know they’ll do their best for our clients.

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Quality Cleaning offers free consultations to discuss your cleaning needs and make a plan that is specific for you.

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Meet Ryan

Ryan (Quality Cleaning Owner)
Ryan Cook is President of (Quality Enterprise LLC) DBA: Quality Cleaning. He has over a decade of experience in leading and developing teams to reach their maximum potential. His passion is in creating relationships, employee motivation and the customer experience. Ryan enjoys time with his wife and son plus his 3 border collie mixes. You can catch them all rollerblading together or touring wine country.

Meet Gabe

Gabe (Quality Cleaning Owner)
Gabe Gutierrez is founder and Chief Executive Officer of (Quality Enterprise LLC) DBA: Quality Cleaning. He Obtains extensive experience in the contractor, sales and leadership field. Gabe is passionate about business and providing quality work to his clients through training and developing his team. He Graduated from Grandview High school in 2002. He later graduated from Yakima Valley Community College with an Associates of Arts & Science. Gabe enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his wife, three boys and pet Chihuahua. He loves football season and is a Seahawks fanatic.